Kyosho DBX VE Brushless RC model car Electric – now buy online with ease from , your online shop for technology, electronics and. Featuring the convenience of 1/10 class and the dynamic performance of 1/8 class, the Kyosho DBX VE buggy is fully built with a radio. Making the DBX the ideal option for all levels. 1/8th buggies this gives you full advantage to set up your buggy to your particular track conditions. The DBX VE.

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Advanced design of forward cabin-type body delivers superior aerodynamic effect. The buggy just plain loves to kyosoh. Multipoint Adjustments – Design features multi-point setting adjustments such as chassis height, camber, track width, front and rear toe-in etc.

Part of me believes if I had torqued those a little more out of the box and added thread locker, it may have never happened in the first place.

It was surprisingly quick. Anything that let go was acceptable based on how heavy the beating was. Home Catalog My Account View cart.

Products marked as ” On Stock ” are available as a real stock in our warehouse. With that, chances are you have cheap phillips head and kypsho may lead to stripping screws. It was the front corner so the buggy went flying into the air spinning like a frisbee. Dial setting adjustments make it easy to adjust, even for beginners. Feel the kyisho rush that only the DBX 2. The power switch did seem backwards to me though. Completely nose up, landing on one rear wheel, no suspension to soak anything up on landing.


The steering knuckle attaches to the suspension arms via a pivot ball. Optimal shock spring rates can be selected to match chassis specifications. Features large capacity oil shocks with dial adjustment of chassis height. I was worried they might give a little too much and cause dog bones to fly out but that was not the case.

Great handling on pavement as well as off-road. Receiver is installed inside the radio box for protection against the elements. We are resellers of. During the replacement I noticed only 2 of the 4 gears are used in the diff.

1/10 Buggy Kyosho DBX VE (RTR Brusheless, GHz)

No weird camber or toe angles. It did NOT have that soft and super cushy feel like my 2wd slash. I even pulled off a few backflips out of the bowl, over the fence, and out of the park! What it came down to was weight.

After a day of pavement bashing I ended up going home and did some some front yard bashing. The Vortex 10 EVO delivers jaw dropping power and acceleration. Simple chassis structure features an inner cover as a barrier to dirt and dust and is excellent for maintenance.

1/10 Buggy Kyosho DBX VE 2.0 (RTR Brusheless, 2.4GHz)

Not really very labor intensive compared to a shock tower replacement and not expensive either. One-piece battery box is also compatible with lithium batteries.

  IEC TS 62239 PDF

I highly recommend watching it just for the backflips out of the skatepark! So I got over the design decision. The agile steering, lighting xbx acceleration, speed, ease of jumping, and overall durability just meant I could focus on fun.

Top Tags bench showdown cr 4pv ARM nitro rs4 cat l1 5. Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt.

Kyosho DBX VE Review « Big Squid RC – RC Car and Truck News, Reviews, Videos, and More!

This DBX sure does feel like it has lots of strong, nimble steering. Camber can be adjusted by turning the pivot ball into or out of the suspension arm.

Simple chassis structure features an inner cover as a barrier to dirt and dust and kyosh excellent for maintenance. Optimal shock spring rates can be selected to match chassis specifications. Dropped 4 AA into the transmitter and a charged battery with Deans connector. The shock body itself is plastic but the aluminum caps really helped keep the tops from popping off. This thing is very light.

Se alle Plastbyggesett Tamiya Se alle Tamiya 1: Add to wish list. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The idea behind the buggy is a 1: In the first video was a half speed test figuring it would be big but not crazy.

Gun metallic anodized aluminum kuosho create a formidable racing style.