Download Citation on ResearchGate | Jahangir and the Jesuits: With an account of the Benedict goes and the mission to Pegu | First published in Jahangir and the Jesuits: with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu / from the Relations of Father Fernão Guerreiro ; translated by. Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu, from the Relations of Father Fernāo Guerreiro, S. J.

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After the defeat of the Prince, the King, having taken up his quarters at Lahor, enquired for the children, and when in course of time they arrived at the palace, he received them very kindly. But of more importance were the discussions which here took place before the King, and of these an account will be given in the following chapters. A History of County Wexford. They had also tried to gain access to the King that they might speak to him on the children’s behalf; but the Moors were so watchful that they had no opportunity of doing so.

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His MajeSty at once took them into his service on very good terms. Finding themselves reduced to such Straits, these poor people endeavoured to make their way to the King of Mogor ; but on the road they were attacked by a band of horsemen, for there are many robbers in this country, who plundered them and slew the greater part of them, including their Captain.

Knowing that this could only be with the connivance of the Merinho Mor, the King, early the next morning, sent for that officer and, after seeing him soundly flogged, caused him to be led with much dishonour through the Greets of the city riding on an ass, A day or two later he again sent for him, and presented him with a horse and a dress as a sign of his restoration to favour, and reinstated him in his office. Maclagan for the help he has given me in the preparation of this volume, which owes much to his expert knowledge of the Mogul period and of the Jesuit writings.

Those who accompanied him gave out that it was his purpose to visit the tomb of his grandfather, and with this excuse he was able to pass safely by the Merinho Mor 8 and all the King’s guards. There was in the same house a certain man, a native of Goa, who, thinking he saw an opportunity of gaining the favour of the King, went to one of his Captains and told him about the two Cafres, saying that they were very clever fellows, and that one of them could play the organ and sing Portuguese music; and he offered to deliver them into his hands, which he adhially did, luring them from the house by saying that the Fathers had called them.

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On being informed of his arrival, he withdrew into the house, perchance to give way, like Joseph, to the natural feelings of a father. To negotiate an affair of such importance the Governor and his Council judged that there was no one better fitted than Father Pinheiro, who was then at Goa; so having obtained the Provincial’s consent to his employment, the Governor gave him letters to the ambassador and authority to decide either for peace or war, sanctioning whatever he should do.


On this account, and because there were on our side many reasons for not entering upon a war before seeking every means of avoiding it, the Governor and his Council decided that, before the rupture became more serious, a messenger should be 83 JAHANGIR AND THE JESUITS sent to the Mogul ambassador to arrange with him for the dispatch of a complimentary letter which it was their desire to send to his King, pointing out to him the reasons why he should preserve the peace and friendly relations which he had established with the King of Portugal, and cancel anything he had done to disturb them.

He received the sacraments with devotion and tears of penitence, and passed from this life with every hope of salvation. How to write a great review Do Say what you liked best and least Describe the author’s style Explain the rating you gave Don’t Use rude and profane language Include any personal information Mention spoilers or the book’s price Recap the plot. The Father heard her cries, and not knowing what the matter might be, sent for her brother who was a Christian and told him to go to her.

It happened one evening that he called for a number of these, and finding he did not understand them, sent for the Fathers that they might explain them to him. But in these hopes he was disappointed, and in consequence he proceeded to take from the wretched pontiff all his worldly possessions, including the furniture of his house, and even the clothes of his thf and children; for these Gentiles regard neither Pope nor Father where money is znd.

He led them, all unsuspefting, to a spot where a number of persons, jahangiir on foot and some on horseback, awaited them. But all the miracles which he performed were also performed by others; so you have no reason to call him God. He then asked many questions about Lent, and the manner of failing amongSl Christians, showing great interest in all that they told him about these things.

The King sent a Mulla to dress their wounds and teach them their prayers. One of the latter, a little innocent girl, was called to our Lord soon after receiving baptism. One of these was fhe minifter.

Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Bernadine of Sena, and some female Saints. How is it possible for us to dispute with them?

E se bene fu scritta in lingua portoghese, con tutto la la potranno voltare in italiano; e cosi non volsi tornarlo a ripetere in quela, per tenere per cosa certa che o per T Oriente o per T Occidente sapri V.

It was published in five Parts, or instalments, each covering a period of about two years, as follows: They were left thus throughout the night, and in the morning they were paraded through the city, clad in the manner described, and each riding upon an ass, with his face turned towards the tail.


The Father was warmly welcomed not only in the domains of the Portuguese, but in all parts of Cambaya, both Moors and Gentiles expressing their gratitude to him for coming to restore peace. The places occupied were in nearly all cases seaports, which served the double purpose of trading centres and naval bases; for she had, from the firft, no desire to burden herself with extensive territorial possessions.

Latin Kingdom Of Jerusalem. In the text I have allowed Guerreiro to have his own way with the spelling of proper names. When the King heard of this, he sent the Father his thanks, and the ambassador, too, was filled with gratitude for all that had been done for him.

Jesuts muSl also be borne in mind that Goes did not keep a diary in order that someone else might describe his travels, but that he might describe them himself. The moon, you say, was small when it reached the earth. He went to Veneza and other Christian places, and at length found his way to Lahor, and meeting with the Fathers, begged them to make him a Christian. Like Ricci’s memoirs, the Relations of Guerreiro are Still known, except to a very few, only through a translation, and that a very incomplete one.

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Perchance if he could have held out a little longer, he would not have an to suffer worse. He was Diwan of Lahore. He was preceded by an advance guard, who cleared the way before him, allowing none to remain on the road.

Moreover, they serve to show his genuine interest in religious matters, and also the tbe which resulted from these disputes. For the reft, the King treated them in private as he had formerly done; whilft the Moors continued to wonder at their constancy, admitting that all the force they had used had been wafted, for the lads’ hearts had never been conquered. The firl two were written from Lahore, and the laft from Agra.

Whenever we think of this, our hearts rhe filled with gratitude to Jesuis, and we are never weary of gazing upon Him thus upon the cross. But more than all, they suffered from jeusits of water; for the King’s army fouled every pool, tank, or Stream to which they came, so that throughout their journey they only drank when necessity or sheer thirSl compelled them.

That is not reasonable,” said the Moor. This enabled the Fathers to give assistance to many poor Christians. The people brought gifts to him, and all shouted Pad lausalamat, i Hail King. When their efforts also proved unavailing, the ambassador begged the Father to come and treat his son, whose condition was growing daily worse.

A, d’Silva, was published in the Journal of Indian History. The Fathers accompanied them wearing their surplices and singing their beSt as they marched along. He compels two Chrislian children to become Moors.