How do I access the Web Configuration pages (for HT//)?. Please disconnect all connections to the HT/HT/HT and follow the instructions. Grandstream HandyTone Product Features. – Two FXS (RJ11) ports – Two Ethernet (RJ45) ports – Supports SIP (RFC ), TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP. Grandstream Handytone Setup Guide. ATA; Grandstream Handytone ATA ; Grandstream Handytone ATA; Grandstream handytone ATA

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What hardware revision is my Handytone? What is a dial-plan and how do I configure it? It also serves as a life line in case of hahdytone outage.

Both FXS ports need a valid sip account registered on the server. The device will revert back to the default IP mode once the phone is hung up.

Grandstream Handytone Setup

Our configuration files are encypted with AES. This value will change the default admin that was used to access the phone menu in step 2 above. The DP cannot be used with a repeater to increase the coverage range. Grandstream Handytone Setup Make use of our Grandstream automated setup facility.

Grandstream HandyTone 496

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Helpdesk Submit and manage your tickets. Configure your SIP Registration settings as shown below: Can I use a repeater with the DP to increase the coverage? A and B are in call now. This feature is not available on older hardware revision models.

Handyytone 02 and you should hear the IP Address. Update the firmware of your Grandstream device to the recommended firmware version. What format does the Grandstream Config Generator encrypt the file into?

Connect the analog touch-tone phone to the HT.: FAQ Find answers to all your questions. Once there is a new hardware revision out in the market, the older revision is no more manufactured or sold. When booting the phone for the first time, please allow for minutes booting time as the phone might be automatically downloading and installing a new version handgtone the firmware. This is not a mandatory step but we do recommend that you change the password. When a user dials a sequence of number the handytobe will refer to the rules in the dial-plan in order to determine how best to connect the call.

  HCPL 0720 PDF

Upon rebooting, your phone should have connected to the VoIPtalk service. The phone’s IP Address should appear on the phone’s screen.

All user manual for your products can be found here.

Grandstream HandyTone

Route call automatically and transparently to PSTN line according to user configuration. Resources Firmwares, tools and documents. To find out more about the cookies we use, view our cookie policy. You can also get this information under the Status tab of the Web Configuration pages.: What are the main differences between the 9 models of Handytones? PSTN Pass through port: It can support all the functions of a PSTN pass through plus: Check these configuration instructions before continuing.

Which phone will ring if there is an incoming call on my wire fixed line HT? On the HT Rev 1.

DO NOT include any leading zeros, so To test this dial