This is the complete text of “Rites and Symbols”, an essay by René Guénon, which If the fundamental identity of rites and symbols is more closely examined . In this work, Guénon deals with the metaphysical and cosmological meaning of symbols, drawn from traditions as far-ranging as the Greek, the Buddhist, the. In this work, probably the most significant in a modern Western language concerning symbolism, Guénon deals with the metaphysical and cosmological.

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The word ‘intention’ must be taken here in its strict etymological sense in-tendere, to tend towards. First of all, why wish to remain on the lowest level on the pretext that it is that of the greatest number, as if it were necessary always to consider quantity rather than quality? The Solstitial Symbolism of Janus 4.

For it can happen sybmols a man may be intellectually qualified to attain to the symboks degrees but may not thereby be apt to fulfill all the functions in the initiatic organisation. In the Middle Ages, especially, examples of this kind abound, even if it be only with Dante and the Fedeli d’Amore. A correspondent had written to the journal: We are not alluding symbolls to the entirely symboks use of the swastika by certain German political groups which, quite arbitrarily, have made it a sign of antisemitism, under the pretext that this emblem belonged to the so-called “Aryan race”: Sophia Perennis; 2 edition June 23, Language: We find, in connection with alchemy, a striking example of this huenon of reversal: Glossary Some terminology that may be used in this description includes: In this connection it should be noted that between the circular and square forms of the triple precinct figure, there is an important nuance: We see everywhere, and not in Egypt alone, the symbolic assimilation established between the heart and the cup or vase.

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Full text of “Rene Guenon english pdf”

We will doubtless have occasion to speak again of these various figures in other studies. An Oriental cannot admit a social organisation which does not rest upon traditional principles: Now, it is true that Schuon is the best writer who ever lived when it comes to the subject of comparative religion.

If he knew certain Arabic treatises which are definitely earlier than funeamental, he would be obliged to modify his opinion simply in the light of written documents. This last interpretation is in fact much to be preferred, the symbol of the swan being closely linked to the Hyperborean Apollo; and it becomes even more preferable in the context of our theme, in that according to the Greeks Kyknos was the son guehon Apollo and of Hyria, that is, This design is therefore completely comparable to the British flag which, similarly, must be of Celtic origin.


Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Your email for notification. The lily has six petals: The Cornerstone Those who kept that spirit alive and who inspired these organisations symhols ever forming themselves into any definite group were those who are called Rosicrucians 24 — an essentially symbolic name.

Fundamental symbols ; The Universal Language of Sacred Science

In this connection he has made it clear that the Supreme Centre, which represents the Primordial Tradition, is a ‘symbol of the Edenic state’: If the Word is Thought inwardly and Word outwardly, and if the world is the result of the Divine Word offered at the beginning of time, then nature in its entirety can be taken as a symbol of supernatural reality.

We touch here upon the explanation of those con- fusions mentioned at the outset, for they may well have resulted, as it were in the normal course of things, from treating the image of the centre as if it were the original centre itself; and in particular there would seem to be a confusion of this very kind in the identification of Glastonbury with the isle of Avalon.

See all 7 reviews. In this respect, there are no privileged traditions; the only distinction to be made is between traditions which have disappeared and those which are still living, so that it all comes down to knowing whether the Celtic tradition was really no longer living when the legends in question were constituted.

The swastika is far from being exclusively an oriental symbol, as is sometimes believed. One can say, therefore, that Buddhi is also the first manifestation of Atma 5 even though it must be clearly understood that Atma itself remains unmanifest, not being affected or modified by any contingency. About the axial symbolism, we have “The tree of the world”, “The symbolism of the stairway”, “The passage of the waters”; about the symbolism of the heart, we have “The heart and the brain”, “The eye that sees everything” and much more.

We know, however, from other articles of his that appeared in La Gnose until its demise inand from the titles of lectures later to become titles of his books he proposed to give at this period, that the French metaphysician was already essentially in possession of the life work to flow from his pen over the next forty years.

Symbolic Weapons Was it not thus that symbolism, with the Greeks, degenerated into mythology? The invisible fire which is perpetually maintained there corresponds to the vital heat which resides in the heart. Doubtless, this would have been modified up to a certain point as to its outward form, by adaptation and assimilation, but not by being transposed onto another plane, as Waite would have it, for there are equivalences between all regular traditions.


In this respect, the flower is equivalent to a number of other symbols, among which the most important is the cup.

Rites and Symbols

But as regards what was spatially the Supreme Centre at the outset of the cycle, there would be no reason for it to con- tinue to remain accessible, since whatever may have been its authoritative and administrative function in the earliest times, each of the religions known to history is.

The same idea is contained in the word dhikr which, in Islamic esoterism, is used of rhythmic formulas that funfamental exactly symbold Hindu mantras. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Sign up to receive offers and updates: We recognize here the psychological theories 6. It goes without saying that this repartition is closely related to the more general question of orientation which, as is well known, gienon an important part in all the ancient tradi- tional civilisations, for a city as a whole as well as for each particular edifice.

Fundamental Symbols: The Universal Language of Sacred Science by Rene Guenon ::

This leads to another question of interest: The Symbolism of the Dome When one finds such agreement everywhere, is this not more than a mere indication of the exis- tence of a symbils tradition? The young Guenon proved to be a precocious if frail scholar, who by his twenty-first year was to abandon an apprenticeship in fjndamental and mathematics and pursue instead, through the leadings of a former instructor, an acquisition of the kind of knowledge proffered in the labyrinths of Parisian occultist circles, at this period in full ferment.

But this point calls for further attention, for it is pre- cisely here that is to be found the very basis for the assimilation in question. Only the knowledge of the real Hyperborean origin of these traditions, which he seems not to gudnon, makes it possible to re-establish the real meaning of all these designations.

We cannot expound here a general theory on this subject, which would lead us too far afield; but it goes without saying that there is something in all this that makes the manipu- lation of symbols very delicate, and also that this point requires special atten- tion when it is a question of discovering the real meaning of certain emblems and symbo,s interpreting them correctly.

Lectures By Khalid Yasin.