Step 1. Error setting up player: Invalid license key FOUNDATION ONE ADD TO CART$ . Coach Sommer GymnasticBodies. Yes, I Want 25% Off!. Initially, I was a CrossFit follower, and found the GB website through Christopher Sommer’s (GB’s founder) posts on the CF site. This was when. I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself.

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Though like many mastery levels too high. Hi, thanks for your review. I am just starting F1 and I am really confused about something: I only managed 60, 40, 30, 30 and had died by the 5th set. Unlike the F series, you do get a technical explanation of the handstand. Scalable if you know what you are doing, for people who don’t there is little guidance on how to make them easier.

In F1, should i do all the sets and reps without sommsr rest in between? It took me a long time to come to the same conclusion, adding weighted work is more efficient. Even with insane strength and background training you cant do planche or manna in a week as its shown in these courses. Based on your review and lots of reading I sought out this program on the interwebs and found uandstand.

Straddle Planche I started week 1 well, mastering the Scapular Shrugs exercise, for 5 sets of 15 repetitions. If you have a training history, you can expect to master some of the exercises quite quickly I would imagine. Instead of working on strength first, like any good program does, it gives you 5×15 and 5×10 templates. Although as a diagnostic, seems to have worked on teasing out a series of peoples’ weaknesses. I’m talking a kickup or a week.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results

Been thinking about buying the Gymnastic Bodies courses. See the BWF Wiki for more programs. It was really hard to learn from.

I came into this course a raw beginner, no handstand practice at all, and so this probably explains why I like it. I guess the takeaway for me with all the GB discussion is that if you are spinning your wheels with a bodyweight training program, the smart thing is to look for additional ways to increase your strength that don’t involve beating your head against the same program.


In his Advance Christkpher tutorial, there is a very brief section about prerequisites to this advanced work.


Xhristopher Thanks for your input! I would love to hear somebody that had success and steady progress with Christophet and moving beyond F1 to get a different point of view. As someone nearing 30 who has a long commute and other commitments I find the GB program hits a sweet spot, enough structure so there’s a progressive overload, enough variety so I don’t get bored, enough strength, skill, flexibility and mobility so I’m not ignoring any weaknesses, realistic expectations on time work out time, and a structure that is flexible enough to accommodate an interesting life.

Ok, the key here is that you have told me you have poor mobility.

Keith’s sommef is great but I was never really sure how best to program it. The forum is filled with discussions about the first few exercises, but you don’t really see any successful role models that have completed the progressions.

It all depends on the person and their training history, recovery rate etc. My advice is take it slower than your ego wants to, the gains you get will be longer lasting.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results – harrycloudfootharrycloudfoot

I have heard others say they enjoy them and are seeing great progress, but I felt like I was just beating my connective tissue up with these. But only if you have been recovering fast enough from your first 6 week block. My other note Alex will be slightly heartbreaking, and again reiterates how your absence of context leads to a poor perspective Hi Collims, Thanks for your comment, I understand what you are saying. Hi Paul, Thanks for your message. It’s really good and it broke a “balancing” plateau for me.

Hi Ben, No, I did not do the courses. Whenever you fail your reps, in any exercise, you can refer to these tables as a pathway to success. GB has an interesting system that allows you to track your progress online, and will provide you with Jane Fonda-type follow along videos for whatever routine you are currently on.


This is, by the way, is an interesting response, and only reiterates that you continue to fall prey to a ton of confirmation bias: And it is just a static position. GB offers some decent fitness products that, although they are light on instruction, come with free form checks that somewhat alleviate this problem.

Hi Jo, Thanks for your comment — so the full programme for book one is all over the internet. Again, there are some useful bits, but not enough to justify the price. However at a certain point you will have to diverge so strongly in order to address your needs that at point you are doing your own programming. The two together work very well. Should we really have to be able to do a shoulder width dislocate before ever attempting even a wall handstand?

They are one of the most versatile and challenging pieces of portable equipment you could own.

I understand you made it to the 2nd progression for the front lever, side lever, single leg squat; 3rd progression for the manna; what does the 6th progression look like for these? Thank you handstadn the detailed review. Using it as a resource and doing other xhristopher with different programming while still using the mobility work you need works great.

Did you change the training regularity at all or just use it as it came? However, the course is a huge compendium of exercises, both strength and mobility, which I found quite valuable.

Was trying to maintain an anterior pelvic tilt all that you needed to maintain a comfortable ABH? If anything, the only proof I have seen Ido Portal post is videos of chrisgopher clients working with him for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. The muscle-up record, strict, was 16, the kid was Certainly, it is easier and osmmer efficient to implement short cycles with weights than with body weight, but there might be some wisdom in there.