maternal mortality Govt. of Gujarat launched scheme called Chiranjeevi Yojana ( CY) in Dec. Shortage of obstetricians in rural areas of India. The research. Background The Chiranjeevi Yojana (CY) is a Public-Private-Partnership between the state and private obstetricians in Gujarat, India, since. Effect of Chiranjeevi Yojana on institutional deliveries and neonatal and maternal outcomes in Gujarat, India: a difference-in-differences analysis.

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The total number of deliveries in Dahod district was about 41, during assuming a crude birth rate of World Dev26 8: CY employs a decentralized management model that engages health ypjana at four government levels state, district, block, and village as facilitators and organizers of health services. Sociodemographic profile Age at marriage and parity: They are always suspicious about private doctors.

Public Management Reviewyoiana 6: Quality of care and satisfaction of clients It is heartening to note that most clients of the Chiranjeevi Scheme and non-clients were quite satisfied with delivery-related services. In India a lack of access to emergency obstetric care contributes to maternal deaths.

We used the Framework approach, a matrix-based method for ordering and synthesising data, to analyse the qualitative data [22]. Bull World Health Organ Manual exploration of uterus was routine. In Gujarat, as in other states in India, there is a chronic shortage of obstetricians chrianjeevi the public sector, and particularly in rural areas of the state [12].


They are also thankful to Mr.

Can public-private partnerships improve health in Youana Typically, practitioners explained they would receive a phone call to accept a particular woman and conduct the birth for free, Ganguly et al.

Providers still participating, and those who recently dropped out spoke about a tension between doing public good and making a profit. The study provided insights on how to improve the scheme further.

Maternal Healthcare Financing: Gujarat’s Chiranjeevi Scheme and Its Beneficiaries

Vishal Hule is the founder of www. This was apparently driven by business sense and financial profits. Low and middle income countries; MMR: The questionnaire was divided into 10 sections, of which the first five, covering background characteristics, were the same for both CB and NCM. Section 6 obstetric history of chiranjevi delivery in the Chiranjeevi Scheme7 details of neonatal care of the recent Chiranjeevi deliversand 8 knowledge and practice of Chiranjeevi Scheme were administered only to CB clients.

Providers feared that participating in CY would lower the status of their practices and some were deterred by the likelihood of more clinically difficult cases among eligible CY beneficiaries. We piloted the interview with three doctors and made minor modifications to the topic guides.

Panchayat Department | Chiranjivi yojana

Additional expenditure incurred by the Chiranjeevi clients on medicines for self and child was, on average, Rs Amarjit Singh, Commissioner Health and the Government of Gujarat for encouraging them to undertake the study.


There was some indication that more complicated deliveries were going to the Chiranjeevi Scheme. Private health care provision in India. Chiranjeevi deliveries in Dahod 1 December —28 March Further refinement of the scheme, in consultation with private partners, and trust building initiatives could strengthen the programme. Clients are also unaware of the need for PNC.

Chiranjeevi Yojna for girls for the pregnant women belonging to below poverty line(BPL)

The first author of this paper PG conducted all interviews in a combination of the three languages commonly in use in Gujarat — Gujarati, Hindi, or English. From our comprehensive sampling frame, we selected facilities offering childbirth services within the two districts [21].

When doctors sense such risks to their income, they may be tempted to compromise quality when treating CY patients as compensation. Unfortunately, no systematic data were kept for Yoiana by district health office. All districts send a monthly report to state authorities for review and feedback.

Programme Implementation Plans —