BS EN ISO 5456-2 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of BS EN ISO at Engineering This part of ISO specifies basic rules for the application of orthographic File Size: 1 file, KB; Same As: BS EN ISO BS EN ISO Technical drawings. Projection methods. Orthographic representations. standard by British Standard / European.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. What does British ieo mean to you? Without them, everyday actions we take for granted would be unpredictable. It creates a common language between professional people.

General principles of presentation. Basic conventions for lines.

Preparation of lines by CAD systems. Basic conventions for cuts and sections. A continuous thick line. A continuous thin line. These are the two basic line thicknesses recommended in the BS. However you will see there are variations in Their use. A broken thin line.


Dashes and spaces should be of even length and spacing. Long dash — short dash. Centre lines should extend slightly passed the feature it applies to. They should not stop at another line. Where centres points are defined — long dashes should cross.

BS EN ISO – Technical drawings. Projection methods. Orthographic representations

Chain of long dash and two short dashes. The dimension line should have one arrowhead that touches the arc. R10 The symbol R is placed in front of the dimension. The dimension line should have two arrowheads that Touch the wn. The angle is written outside the Arrow. Alternatively Arrows can be Outside with the angle written Lines.

For assembled views 1. Part 1 in one direction 2. Part 2 in the opposite direction with same spacing. Part 3 spacing reduced to half. Assembled Exploded We do not Hatch… 1. Blueprint Line Types – Walsh Manufacturing.

BS EN ISO 5456-2:1999

Date – Alfred State College intranet site. Introduction to Public Policy. Module 1 – Boise State University.