Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Brian W. Aldiss ( – )Brian Wilson Aldiss was born in He was a highly decorated science fiction author who. An example of this is Non-Stop (), by Brian Aldiss, which I just finished reading the other day and enjoyed immensely. I only learned about. Number 33 of the Science Fiction Masterworks series, Brian Aldiss’ Non- Stop is indeed a classic of the genre (variant title: Starship).

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Book Review: Non-Stop (variant title: Starship), Brian Aldiss (1958)

I actually loved it except the ending, mixed feeling about iteven though it is rather an exuberant and hyperactive book than a really good one. Details brief but vivid, the storyline brjan briskly to put it lightlyand the world unfolding one nonsgop scene on top of another, Aldiss never gives the reader a chance to get bogged down in the bitterness and contempt of his main character.

Its never a good idea to read a book in the expectation that all the characters will have right-on, politically correct attitudes, especially if it was written in He also personifies the characters well by their voices, without over-acting. I use an old netbook for everything and am now – as of Denis wrote: I read an article on Earth-centric science fiction that opened my eyes to a whole new world of authors that I had heard of but never read before.

But then, it is considered a bit of a classic of the genre. In this audiobook, most of the inhabitants of a multi-generational colony ship have forgotten all of their knowledge and do not realize they are living on a ship. Non-Stop is basically a fast-paced adventure yarn, full of aodiss twists and turns. Aug 19, Lubinka Dimitrova rated it really liked it Shelves: This was Aldiss’ first novel.


However, if you like reading about generation ships Non-Stop is a good choice. On the negative side, some of the writing is clumsy and the ending is a bit abrupt both common Aldiss problems.

For a first novel this was very good. Ok, now on to the review. If you still plan to read the book, skip the reviews you can find on the internet. Who was your favorite character and why?

Consider the very first two sentences — great, great lines by the way. Complain, Marapper, and the boys also find lots and lots of rats. All is not rosy, however – half of aldisw is introduced is not resolved, and the ending is extremely abrupt and also unresolved.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Aldiss’ description of the thought processes of the main characters is really well done and gives the right sense of “alieness” to this lost tribe of humanity. The Forwards have uncertain knowledge aldis ‘Giants’ who, though feared, are generally considered to be benevolent. Other mysterious beings, termed ‘Outsiders’, are thought to infiltrate the human world from an unknown place and are reviled as enemies.

Notify me of new posts via email. Aldias information in the documents is incomplete, the point of origin and the destination of the ship is unknown.

A Brief Plot Summary Limited spoilers. The novel’s protagonist, Roy Complain, lives in a culturally-primitive tribe in which curiosity is discouraged and life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

Brian Aldiss has created a sci fi classic here. The rulers of Earth have been reluctant to integrate the ship-dwellers into Earth’s civilization because the epidemic survivors have mutated to live at a rate four times faster bran Earth’s population.

Non-Stop Audiobook | Brian Aldiss |

I particularly enjoyed how you have to understand the environment the characters are in through their eyes and match it with your own interpretation to understand what is going on. They contain some spoilers that are better avoided.


Damnit man, reading your blog continues to cost me money, because I need to buy all these stinking books! Non-Stop is inventive nohstop fiction — not a pastoral fantasy about a noble sauvage or a native tribe.

This is not “Technically” one of the must read sci-fi novels as formulated in the Bloomsbury goodreading guide of that name.

As they enter unexplored territory, they are exposed to dangers and mysteries unimaginable — and secrets that will change their view of reality forever. Aldlss, James Ward may have been a little too inspired by Non-Stop! The reason for this is not made clear but the religion they have adopted has roots in Freudian psychology.

In most cases I feel the story should be grian important, but the narrator is so good, I believe he increases the value of the book. Jesse on Speculiction writes the ship is like our planet.

This was an extremely interesting book. It is a magnificent and unusual science fiction novel, and well-worth reading.

The tribe knows little of its world. The blog covers topics in physics and optics, the history of science, classic pulp fantasy and horror fiction, and the surprising intersections between these areas. Man stood revealed to himself: However, when the Giants attack a Forward crew-member, the humans conclude that the Giants and Outsiders are colluding against humanity and prepare to retaliate in force.

A very large portion of it occurs on a generation ship. The leader of the expedition is a priest called Marapper, he has found some ancient documents showing that the world they live in is, in fact, a massive spaceship. Knjiga datira iz davne