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Open Preview See a Problem? Qui conobbe un’infermiera inglese di nome Cynthia, che divenne sua moglie nel PaperbackTeaduepages.

The author went into so much detail about the scientists, which probably could have been left out. Some reviews say this book was more of a biography than a history book, I agree.

Humans have been apart of only 0. Alcuni episodi di questo secondo viaggio vengono recuperati in Neither Here Nor There: Ever wondered about how our universe came to be? At the end of the evening when he asked me to go out with him again I paused, then decided to give him a second chance. It is well written entertaining popular- synthesis of popular science. As someone with an interest in all things science, I was still impressed with the witty style of the writing and use of analogies to drive home various points.

It is outright staggering how much of the discoveries and breakthroughs were the result of personal ambition, gross arrogance and careerism and how many notable p The number of books on the great advances in science especially physics and biology is becoming uncountable. Bgyson the Year i Bryson You’re probably looking at this book thinking it is so far off my normal path.


Bill Bryson

Overall, I would recommend this bbryson because it is very informative and incorporates a lot of useful knowledge. Anyway, without missing a beat I said yes, I was him.

I personally somehow found the book a little tedious by the end and I was happy when it was over. A book about science and The problem is, it starts getting too full if trivia at times.


Bill Bryson – Wikipedia

The science is watered down, but the stories of scientific achievement backstabbing quawi all make up for it, and Bryson does Non-Fiction. Bryson starts all the way with the big bang, to the formation of the cosmos, the solar system and the planet, abiogenesis, evolution, and finally human prehistory.

This is based upon the audio download from [ www. However, he focused a lot on the scientists and less on the actual brtson, at some points the information was very dull. It’s not, after all, the book’s fault that Bill Bryson can end up parodying himself. Bryson’s travelogue of scientific discovery is heavy on trivia and light on science.

And its always nice to be reminded that at any given moment we’re carrying around about a stofia bacteria on our person. I genitori ebbero altri due figli, Michael e Mary Jane Elizabeth.

Bill Bryson – Wikiquote

Estratto da ” https: I’m chalking it up to penance for doing so poorly in every science class I ever attended. The emphasis on the huge num Scientific Journal meets Gossip Magazine True to the title, this book covers a lot of ground and would take the dust off some concepts you had forgotten since high school. View all 6 comments. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. There are brilliant tidbits like the inclusion of the Australian man who is inexplicably gifted at knowing and recording which stars are going to blink out of existence at what time that made reading the book worthwhile quawi me, but if you have a good handle on science and science history, you might consider skipping this one altogether.


I liked the history sections best but found the explanatory ones basic and meandering. Brevf to Book Page. But, what’s true for the content comparison is also true here: And yet you are despite the odds against it. Scientific Journal meets Gossip Magazine True to the title, brevs book covers a lot of ground and would take the dust off some concepts you had boll since high school. URL consultato il 16 ottobre Still, I was surprised to find myself enjoying learning something about geology and atoms, oh and genes also.