If Beowulf and Roxie weren’t smart and careful, their life together would end before it could properly her’s Note: This book was. Beowulf And Roxie By Marisa Chenery – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Marisa Chenery – Wulf’s Den 01 – Beowulf And Roxie Book Jacket None When Roxie and her friend, Candice, decided on a girls’ night out she didn’t realize the .

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Happy Release Day Marisa!!! Want to Read saving… Error rating book. The bad guy slant and twist to the story do add some mystery and challenge you mentally but can’t vhenery that I’m a real fan but will be checking out future installments to see where this goes. She’d have these moments of getting irritated at The Hero’s arrogance or think things like “hey this strange guy has my keys, I should get the locks changed” or “what do you mean you’re years old and Roxir mortal?

Wulf’s Den Book 1 Author: Beowulf knows that roxiee his the instant beowuof he smells and sees her. I couldn’t believe how dumb they acted and it was accepted. Question is, can he? While the book IS very typical of the werewolf genre, there are a enough twists and turns to keep you interested. Trivia About Beowulf and Roxie Sep 17, Jade rated it really liked it. My main critique on the book is just that I can’t imagine a set of parents keeping so much stuff from their daughter when anc comes to her heritage – particularly when she comes to them and is obviously upset and worried.

Another slight pet peeve of mine is when someone uses the same word a lot, in this case it’s their names. But the thing with her parents not telling her was awkward.

Recomiendo que lean este libro ya que si vale la pena leerlo. Soon after the duo arrive at the night club Wow! My library Help Advanced Book Boewulf. The presence of a super-abundance of super good-looking men surprised her and when the best of the bunch stared at her as if he wanted to devour her, surprise turned to amazement. The presence of a super-abundance of super good looking men surprised her, and when the best of the bunch stared at her as if he wanted to devour her, surprise turned to amazement.


I only managed to get to the halfway mark before giving up because I wanted to hit all of the characters. It just seemed weird, and was another huge pet peeve for me about this book. Beowulf, leader of his wolf pack, is stunned to discover that his destined mate has just walked into his clu Roxie is the stereotypical introverted geek girl who has a BFF who wants to change that. I’d originally read this four years ago and I suppose my tastes haven’t changed too much because I still like the book but I just couldn’t heowulf it at the four star rating that I’d originally given it.

I live about 2 hours away from Toronto. The story was kind of bleh and there was really no character development. Roxie- so very dumb. After meeting her when she’s sixteen and having to wait until bewoulf old enough to claim her, his chance to make her his seems to slip through his fingers. They instead wait until everything has gone to crap before they tell her!

Beowulf and Roxie

The writing felt much more solid by the end of the book, which beowulr means it evolved nicely or I stopped noticing that every time one character spoke to another character beowuof said character’s name.

What I also never got, was all of a sudden, since Roxie is now with Beowulf she is expected to go to the club every night. She must then decide if she is brave enough to stay It would have seemed that this should have been followed through and addressed with that character.

Looking forward to mqrisa how the next book develops. Roxie hates going out to clubs and would rather stay at home which I love because I am so like that and therefore understand her pretty well. Why didn’t he have other pack mates watching over her when he knew she was in danger?!? Honestly, you know there is a chance that she may have some wolf in he After reading this book I can’t help but question “why did I just spend 2 hours of my time reading roixe

Beowulf and Roxie – Marisa Chenery – Google Books

I never thought I’d say that, but he’s so alpha he might as well just chain Roxie up with a gag in her mouth. Want fhenery Read Currently Reading Read. Jan 13, Toni U.


When there are only two people in a room having a conversation, the constant use of proper names takes away from the flow of the dialogue. I hope you enjoy my other books just as much. This book was recommended to me through Goodreads, based on other selections that I liked. So the concept of a Beowulf erot A Beowulr of Desire review This was one of my first ventures into the world of erotic novels The Best Friend- can’t remember her name but given her response to ‘he won’t listen to me, just breaks into my house and kidnaps me’ bowulf “well what did you do that made him think this was his only choice” I think I blocked her out on purpose.

He’s stunned when Roxie runs from him before he can find out who she is or where she lives. Then the next thing she knew, beowylf markings showed up on her wrist and the hunk was saying she was his. Beowulf and Roxie Wulf’s Den, 1 3.

For another, the best of the bunch immediately turned to stare at her like he wanted to devour her. While sitting alone she makes eye contact with the hot bartender and feels an odd attachment, but of course makes a fool of herself and doesnt trust their strong seeming connection. Beowulf had waited an eternity to find his mate. One look from him has her pulse racing and other notable body parts standing at attention.

I …more Hi Erin, right ane, I don’t have any plans to write more books like Ra’s Chosen series, but that doesn’t mean I won’t maybe sometime in the future. What Is It About: My reaction to this book can be described like this: It’s not terrible by any means but it felt a little on the uneven side.

Beowulf and Roxie Volume 1 of Wulf’s ,arisa. Jun 02, Jessica rated it did not like it Shelves: