Benchcrafted Moxon Vise Hardware – Moxon Vise Hardware Kit is designed to clamp to any workbench. The Moxon Vise is extremely fast and easy to use. BenchCrafted Moxon Vice Ref: BC-MV The BenchCrafted Moxon Vice clamps to any bench, raising your workpiece to a convenient height and holding it. Perhaps I should be the last person to buy a Moxon-style vise kit from Benchcrafted. After all, I’ve built six of these highly functional vises for.

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Just a quick question…Are you using dog holes to keep it stable to the bench? A wood on wood friction would wear evenly, as with the original version. You could plane a little off the protruding jaw if this bothers you. Requiring no input on your part, this model lets you start work immediately.

He’s genchcrafted hand-tool enthusiast though he uses power tools, too. My Store Selection Choose a province: The only moving parts are the heavy handwheels. Inc VAT Shipping is extra. But instead, I was one of the first to line up for the kit offered by Jameel Abraham and his partners in Benchcrafted.

I was happy with my bench vise but because of all of all your cheerleading about the Moxon style vise I took the plunge.


In the version I built earlier this year, I used wooden screws that I bebchcrafted. When I built my vise last week, I made one major deviation from the plans.

My Benchcrafted Moxon Vise | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Perhaps I should be the last person to buy a Moxon-style vise kit from Benchcrafted. Stock availability information is current but may change as you shop. This incredible little book is part forgotten history and part how-to. The Benchcrafted version just earned a permanent spot under my Roubo workbench.

What’s more, this design lets you elevate the work to a comfortable height, so you can make close cuts without stooping.

Because Jameel, his brother hey Father John! I need a bench vise….

It’s the ideal bench for cutting and marking out dovetail joints with its large rear work surface. Purchasing the hardware only allows you to build other Moxon-style vices with different configurations. Been a long time subscriber to Popular Woodworking Printed version. The quality is over-the-top, and the finished vise will exceed your expectations. Wooden jaws NOT included! I love this vise, but cant wait to make the Joinery bench that Shannon Rodgers made with his kit!

Jason November 14, In a recent ww forum post Derek Cohen took issue with the chamfer because it sacrifices the use of the full width of the top of the movable jaw as a reference surface for leveling the floor of half-blind dovetails pins board. Duncan D November 13, This links seems to be broken, the other link to the prototype is fine.


Store Address Store Hours.

Benchcrafted™ Moxon Vise Hardware

If you build small furniture or boxes for example, you may want to build a vice with less space between screws. Dean November 12, Recruiter November 13, It is so fast and sturdy. I have been planning to build the Holtzapfel genchcrafted for a while. A Moxon Vice clamps to any bench, raising your workpiece to a convenient height and holding it rock-solid.

Clamps or holdfasts for benchtop mounting not included. Works well for me. And the stopped chamfer was fun to make. Setting one wheel for the workpiece thickness, the opposite wheel is massive enough to literally push the jaw to the workpiece and hold it there solidly with only a quick spin of the wheel.