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Either way, kaitoss to the street below and head up the path below the walkway to reach Lyude’s house. Also in the battles the attack phase is turn based with a timer, and then it goes to real time when the monsters attack and you quickly have to pick an item or defense card or get clobbered. I missed those at this point.

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In Balancoire you will find two more animals in the waterway: There is now nothing left btaen you to steal in this town, so leave. Head further to fight It will be needed much, much later in the game and is not missable. What a boring area. Continue onward and take the left path to find a cloud machine.

Buy all the equipment, the spell, baren the camp items. Save your game, then enter Algorab Village for a few more scenes. Save and get ready batem the boss battle. Save your game, then return upstairs and fight the 2 Imperial Elite – this is your second and final chance to get a photo of this enemy!

Guide them in battle and watch their friendship bloom. If you completed the SP combos listed earlier then you should have plenty of good healing cards as well. In-game images should only be official art screenshots are accepted where scans are not available.


Let’s do Mizuti’s sidequest next, since it’s easy. Continue in the direction of the save flower to bwten a scene, then visit the shop to buy the usual camp items.

Savyna and Mizuti constantly defend and revive, while Kalas pumps out Sunrise combos. We now have our main fighting party back.

Despite being called a “labyrinth”, mankal area is pretty linear. Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch, Enter the chamber on the left and talk to the woman to initiate the Animals of Wazn Campaign.

This RPG is different, you have to buy or collect attack, spell, defense, and item cards to help you in battle. There are many maitos of items in the game, but mostly they can be broken down into a few categories: I used Xelha, Savyna, and Mizuti.

So when I saw it for cheap on E-bay, I decided to give it a go.

BatenKaitos:Manual of Style

Go along the bottom path to the next area. Plenty of revival too for Savyna and Mizuti. Talk to all of them and enter the rooms upstairs. The story has some pretty interesting twists and turns, has some great characters, and the whole design is just damn good.

Return to Opu and give Mayfee the cookies for kairos scene. Then run back to the ritual room the snow melts quickly and give it to mahual kid. So hoof it back to Komo Mai and talk to that guy again.

BATEN KAITOS Gamecube Complete CIB w/ Box, Manual Good | eBay

It just so happens that these three are also the ones that are critical for the upcoming boss battle. Save your game, then do the usual for your next boss fight: At the bottom you will fight a battle against 3 Imperial Elite – this is the toughest battle here, so don’t bother with getting a photo yet unless the opportunity presents itself naturally. Go to Hall 3 Go back downstairs and unlock the door in the back. You’ll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive.


Show only see all Show only. Note that the Imperial Soldiers here are missable, so get a photo of the regular and the Elite version before continuing the Elite can be somewhat rare. With that info, return to Komo Mai and go to the School of Magic’s east wing.

With Kalas at max Class Lv, you can now unleash Sunrise combos to deal several thousand points of damage, which will cut down pretty much everything up to the final boss. Climb to the top of the tower and speak to the kid blocking the way. You can keep the Family Tree in your inventory if you like.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. After kairos, make sure Mizuti, Savyna and Lyude are loaded up with the remaining strongest Light, Water, and Chronos attack Magnus, with 3 or 4 healing Magnus, and the remaining strongest armors. Enter the doorway in the upper middle of the maze, and jump across to the right to find the Golden Hero again.