New Atlantis is an incomplete utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon, published in In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and . La Nuova Atlantide (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Francesco Bacone, Bruno Mastica. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Il pensiero di Francesco Bacone considerato in relazione con le filosofie della natura del Rinascimento e col Su la “Nuova Atlantide” di Francesco Bacone.

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Should we bury our cintamani stones C? If so, where would the best place be? Yeah, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Have been carrying mine in my pocket. Two chintamani are here. I buried one of them.

Another one is a pendant. You may bury it under the garden of your house, park, temple, castle, around army bace, etc. In Japan, many cintamani are buried in various places. I carry Cintie with me most baconf the time. Now, after reading this, I wonder if I am being followed around by an angel Do we put it in some kind of container or right in the ground? I have bzcone around my neck so I will have it at all times.

I’ve had it over a year now. Won’t we need these stones once The Event takes place? I was advised to meditate on it, not bury it in the ground. Cobra comment would be appreciated. In my arlantide and various discussions with Light Workers, I confirmed gacone yes, you can bury a Cintamani stone into the ground if you do have a spare. The hole should not be more than 30cm deep and into an area that will not be disturbed or moved for at least 6 – 12 months.

As you plant the stone in, it would be advisable to visualise a Blue Light emanating from the sky and directed onto the stone in the ground, so as to energise the stone before you cover it up. I have planted 1 already and will be planting another in 2 weeks time as I travel into a new area. Each holder of a Cintamani stone will serve as an energy conduit, transmitting energies of the compression breakthrough into atlanride planetary energy grid.

Carry 1 to 2 stones with you as your personal anchor for the energies of the Compression Breakthrough. Then you can bury as many additional stones as you feel guided into the earth, or put them in lakes etc. I only have one previous Cintamani stone I’ve affectionately named Socrates. I will look into the tachyon site to get another to bury. You can find Cintamani stones here http: Hold the Light, we are almost there. I just purchase another Cintamani stone from tachyonis for the purpose of burying it on my property.


The one I wear around my neck is precious to me and I won’t part with it. Hummmmm where have I heard that before? D If there are certain things we need to know on where and how to burying them I bcaone Cobra will clarify. I expect the stone to reach me by the end of this month. Perhaps we will know more by alantide. I just notice your post This is interesting, thanks cobra! Anyway, im still waiting for a decent event situation update Also, like Cobra atlabtide, there is a cintamani grid being place around the planet.

Perhaps Untwine may know where the areas that are most “strategic” for a stone to be placed. Perhaps places bacon power as well as atlanttide of “negative” energy.

It’s not at all exciting for a grounded person!! The true message is that you have to await till the angelic beings reach the critical mass who knows when and thereafter to await again the head of octopotus to dissolve again, who knows when One thing i don’t understand is why are the Cintamani called blue stone of atlantis, but the ones we have they are black and when they are exposed to light they are of a yellow color.

Also should we plant cintamani in the soil? Taken from a past Cobra interview at http: Do you know about this stone? It is simply not found. We have a cintamani stone here as well. Please provide direction regarding how best to locate it and we will contribute to the grid. Victory of the Light!

LA NUOVA ATLANTIDE by Francis Bacon on Prezi

Cintamani is in the ground at a point of convergence of ley lines and powerful energies. When we had this ceremony and meditation there was a huge amplification of energy. The whole day has been high energy ever since. We want to do something for the grid recovery. If so I’m going Cintamani stone hunting, then a digging I will go. Just woke-up to this post The stone is not a person Anchored is not bound A safe resting place Why is it ingrained within, the “power” to build an “Alter” Can not be in you.?

Sorry, enduring very physical trials right now I want to post snaps- everything is frosted white single digit days but we didn’t get any real snow this year I’m so burnt like, sleep posting re-write 1st 3 chapters of the Bible I can pick-up a rock, that will fit your hand some have up to 5 “flat” sides ground off them I think I caught an eye sphere orb for Happy new “Victory of the Light” year, is here, we are ready, let’s do it!!!

I saw a video on YouTube ages ago regarding this very project financed by Saint Germain and explaining that America was never meant to be what it has become.

It was totally enlightening and uplifting but I cannot find it any longer, I have been searched for it ever since, I will check out your links Cobra, maybe they contain all that info. Is it feasible that Bacon was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth I? Perhaps he chose to be born in that family to work from as an “insider”. Thank you dear friend for this info, this is extremely uplifting.


Did anyone else find the cosmicconvergence site to be very difficult to read? Frankly he is not that great of a writer I’m sorry to say, he seems to almost want to confuse the reader. Archon spotted on the news. We are free and sovereign, eternal and infinite. So, don’t worry, be happy. I’ve heard Benjamin Franklin was a devious character.

Member of The Hellfire Club. T think they’ve found a suspicious amount of corpses being buried under his house. I felt guided to write an article that verifies Corey’s information from a show called Dark Matter. Much of what he says is featured in this show and I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe Corey or are on the fence about his information and would like further verification. Of course this article won’t be enough for everyone but I think it might help with at least a few people.

I live in Alberta, Canada. Where would you advise I bury my blue apple CoBra?? Francis Bacon should probably be left out of this story. Bacon admired the inquisition and advocated the “Torture of Nature. As part of his professional duties, Bacon was a legal inquisitor involved in the contemporary witch trials, which deeply influenced his language and imagery concerning the domination of nature. During these trials, confessions were tortured out of innocent women laid out on the rack.

Francis Bacon is the progenitor of our current world in which humans have lost their souls and turned their back on nature. Humans should be serving Gaia, not torturing her trying to enslave her. Bacon’s view of the world is completely upside down of what it should be.

We are living in the New Atlantis of Francis Bacon right now and have been living in his world for at least years.

La Nuova Atlantide

I say it is not good enough and I fight daily to tear it down. The world is NOT a machine. Plants are not machines. People are not machines. nuovz

Animals are not machines. All these machine ideas have no place in the New Earth. Victory to the Goddess.

Victory to the Light.