Athletic Shorts has ratings and reviews. Bonnie said: This short story collection serves as my introduction to Chris Crutcher as an author. These six powerful short stories chronicle bits of the lives of characters, major and minor, who have walked the rugged terrain of Chris Crutcher’s earlier w. These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes, but are not simply sports stories. Here he presents characters from some of his be.

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This story takes place at a pool and at Lionel’s house. If he pleases this person, then this might happen. In the story about a friend with AIDS, the main character, Louie, grows cruttcher from a friend afraid to be near the AIDS victim to learning a lesson about living a full life. Highly recommended for libraries to keep on the shelf.

Athletic Shorts by Chris Crutcher

The next years of his life are filled with friends helping him, living on his own, swimming his hardest to get the images out of his head, and hating the kid who killed his family, Neal.

One tale is about an abusive father who is finally beaten by his son in a wrestling match. Louie lost his girlfriend in a prior Crutcher book, and in this story he deals with his new friend and coworker, Darren, an AIDS victim.

May 05, Marcia rated it it was amazing. Petey is embarrassed about being beaten by a girl. But it took me back to Margaret’s school age years. In mos The six short stories that Shprts Crutcher includes in this book are all interwoven with sports and all have teenage male protagonists, but with very different problems and issues crutccher work through. None of the reading is particularly challenging and each is a relatively short short-story.

Each character is a complex realistic person with all the typical teen problems in their own ways. Mar 26, Aly Kennedy rated it liked it. Just be forewarned, the story is filled with the N word and not so nice things regarding Asians and anyone else Telephone Man has been taught to hate.

Too proud to stay away yet terrified to go, his problems are complicated by his secret love for the elected queen and by the fact that kids have always teased him because both his parents are gay.


Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories by Chris Crutcher

This book is a fast read, but the material is not light. Louie is able to provide Darren with that. I really enjoyed Chris Crutcher’s short stories and was glad to know that they came from the characters chgis situations that he wrote in some of his previous novels.

No big deal you think, right? He sees the mangled bodies of his family fly and the boat snap in half. This should be a great draw for drama loving teen readers.

For instance, if one of their parents is gay, or if they have lost their parents, or if they are just want or need something to read and they seem less interested in other topics. Be the first to discover new talent!

Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories

His books generally feature teens coping with serious problems, including abusive parents, racial Chris Crutcher’s writing is controversial, and has been frequently challenged and even banned by individuals who want to censor his books by removing them from libraries and classrooms.

Well, when his parents remarried, they married someone of the same sex. All of them take place in small towns where sports are everything. The book shows the troubles that some athletes face, whether it was pressure from their parents to perform or if they were dealing with loss of a close friend.

When the story starts, his family and he are going fishing. He has a peculiar fascination with telephones, and he gets picked on at school for both of these things.

A friend’s suggestion, a book review, cover, and so? Anger with a mixture of high school and the future ahead of you is bad cocktail. I can definitely see “jock” type high school boys enjoying these stories, but not necessarily reluctant readers who are into sports. The structures of these stories are also very good, and have many good quotes that relate to the text and help make the stories come to life.

Chris Crutcher achieved what he wanted within this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for lots of great, action packed stories that throws you into an exciting world for 30 pages and then throws you into the next one.


I’m not referring to the romantic like. He also states, that in his other books he lets the reader choose how the story ends. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The last short story is about the life of Louie Banks.

Petey is Johnny’s best friend and this story takes place at a wrestling match. The only reason he got to dance with her in the first place was because he was on the football team. He always writes intelligently and with a sense of humor while simultaneously depicting his characters sympathetically. Athletic Shorts was a fantastic book, and I highly suggest it. Its funny to think that my only job back then was to go to school and yet I complained, as most kids do.

How do you think it was accepted at the time of publication? Lionel has to overcome the death of his family. Lionel screams and screams but his family pays no mind.

The characters each face something much more serious including: These include embarrassing familie Copy and past your book review in this space: The Winter Ball is happening, and Angus is nominated to be king along with his crush Melissa. To top it off, he also has two sets of gay parents. While poor Petey gets shoved into the problem of a teen boy fighting with a girl, read how these two settle both their problems in an amusing and mutually satisfying way.

chros Then, he transitions into how this guy is going to wrestle this girl and he is going to show her a thing a two and uses sexual innuendos. As six different stories are told by six different kids, each chapter brings you a new perspective of difficult situations. The man is dying of AIDS in the hospital and is very lonely, just looking for a friend. It puts you into a world where everything horrible happens.