A () ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN GANGGUAN Background: Typhoid fever is an infectious disease that occurs in the small. Thypoid Fever – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Married Religion: Islam Tribes / Nations: Banjarese Check- in: RS: 10 – Medical Diagnosis: Typhoid Fever No. .. Askep Hepatoma. Uploaded by Ade erine suryani. typhoid. Save. Typhoid Fever. For Later. save . Documents Similar To Typhoid Fever Askep Gangguan Alam Perasaan.

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Then nursing care plans were made, such as applying tepid water sponge, warm water compress on head, monitoring body temperature and skin color change, guiding how to compress tepid water sponge and warm water, and giving theraphy in accordance with the instructions.

This study is an analytical descriptive in the form of a case study with nursing care approach. The evaluation result was hypertermic problem related to infection process of which the first subject was solvable and the second one was not solvable.


The arising nursing problem was the risk of an imbalance in body temperature. Typhoid, hypertermic, tepid water sponge, warm water compress ; Typhoid, hipertermi, tepid water sponge, kompres air hangat. The data includes the history of up and down fever and positive widal test result.

Hypertermic nursing problems related to infection wskep were then found.

Askep Nanda,Noc,Nic Thypoid

After giving the education, the obtained evaluation was an asekp in knowledge level of Mr. This disease can be transmitted through food, or drinks contaminated by salmonella thypi bacteria.

Describing nursing care for thermoregulatory disorder: More information and software credits. Typhoid is an acute infection illnes of small intestines caused by salmonella typhi. Typhoid fever is an infectious disease that occurs in the small intestine caused by salmonella thypi.

Typhoid fever, health education, salmonella typhi, thermoregulation; demam thypoid, edukasi, salmonella thypi, termoregulasi. S indicated by being cooperative and almost never ask more questions, and also being able to answer the given questions correctly.

Askep Nanda,Noc,Nic Thypoid – PDF Free Download

The nursing plan to address the risk of body temperature imbalance was by giving an education about typhoid fever and the treatment if suddenly emerges, encouraging the patients to have adequate rest, monitoring their temperature, and collaborating drug delivery.


To describe the nursing care of typhoid patients who have problem in fulfilling their sense of comfort need: During conducting research, the data collected were the temperature of the patients Aske; of tepid water sponge and warm water compress can decrease fever.

This study is an analytical descriptive with a case study approach. The signs and symptoms of typhoid are the increasing body temperature or fever. After conducting nursing care for patient 1 and patient 2 through nursing diagnoses of typhoid fever, data assessment was found.

More information and software credits.

The data was obtained through interview, direct observation, and being documented.