Karmapa, 16th Karmapa Meditation. The Four Thoughts. We feel the formless stream of air at the tips of our noses and let thoughts and feelings pass without. Thi.5 version oj’ the 16}h Karmapa Meditation. ,n UJinter In the late Sixties, the 16th. Karmapa, Rarzjutig Rigpe Dorje, /,Ja1:trzah. A path to the realization of the nature of mind through identifying with the Lama. This meditation is the basic meditation of the Karma Kagyu lineage and is.

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All sentient mditation have buddha nature, and even though everything is true on the ultimate level—just because it happens or not—one is free on the relative level to create the circumstances that one likes. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapa

Please explain each phase of this meditation. Before the experiencer again becomes unclear or habits catch up, one lets a pure world appear. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In the dissolving phase everything disappears. This became known already since Marpa meditahion Naropa in India the second time, around years ago.

Guru Yoga, however, is the most important practice for us. Guru Yoga, however, is the most important practice for us.

There, people mainly meditate on buddha forms of energy and light, and sing invocations in Tibetan language. Repeating a refuge formula, one opens up to these four sources of refuge. SinceI have done nothing but establish Diamond Way centers for lay people worldwide. It is not possible to always practice the Ngondro. Then the three lights became important by themselves.


Diamond Way Meditation Practices

In this case, let the thief enter an empty house. However, it should be avoided during the phase of meeitation with the buddha or lama, or when meditating on mind directly. Afterward, the meaning of the mantra that became prominent and this movement toward the allimportant ending of the meditation continued until today, where the possibility for enlightened action appearing after the naked awareness of the dissolving phase mainly inspires people.

It is exceedingly important. Together with the deep blue light vibrates the syllable HUNG. They make you tough! Working with people makes sense. What do we visualize while saying the mantra? The daily 5-minute invocation of the protector of the Karma Kagyu lineage, which helps to diminish hindrances on the way to enlightenment.

How should we understand this? Dagmemacondensed next to Naropa and was as large as a house. From the heart level in the centre of Karmapa’s transparent body, an intense blue light shines out. Such freedom convinces the meditator of his innate buddha nature and potential, and the sign of the Diamond Way is always and everywhere the same: First of all, maintain the pure view.

It means power of all Buddhas work through us. His face is golden and mild. Whoever takes refuge in the morning and keeps a feeling of wishing sentient beings all the best may let the lama appear at any time and can use the lights and mantras whenever one likes. It is now compassion medittion wisdom, a powerful tool for benefiting others.


This happened also to me, therefore I noticed it, and also Shamar Rinpoche warned against this tendency. Sounds are mantras and all meidtation wisdom, for the sole reason that they can happen. He smiles and comes ever closer through space.

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Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapa – Wikipedia

He frequently advised people to specifically develop this quality. The light dissolves all disturbing impressions in brain, nerves and senses. Something essential has happened. It enters our mouth and throat. Karmapa, 16th Karmapa Meditation. Also those who have never met any Karmapa or are confused by some exotic aspects of Tibetan culture are fully included through their wish to be of benefit.

This strip containing all kinds of information does not disturb and may even be useful. If one experiences everything as at least interesting and life as fresh and meaningful, the karmap works.